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Performing Corps

7th Regiment / New London, CT

Founded in 2002 by the Surfers Alumni Association, 7th Regiment takes its name from the Civil War regiment that was the last to leave Fort Trumbull in the corps’ hometown. Founded to provide youth with a unique educational program in music, marching and the performing arts, 7th Regiment proudly represents its local community in New London and the state of Connecticut.  In the 2016 Finals of the DCI Open Class World Championships (in Michigan City, IN) the 7th Regiment placed 7th overall with a score of 70.875.


Colt Cadets / Dubuque, Iowa

Founded in 1967, the Colt Cadets are the younger sibling of the Colts Drum & Bugle Corps with a majority of members in middle school and high school. The two corps work in tandem with the Colt Cadets grooming many members for the World Class corps, while some less-experienced auditionees for the Colts find a more successful introduction into the activity in the Open Class. The Colt Cadets foster character development by challenging and teaching in ways that build confidence, self-discipline and work ethic.


Guardians / Houston, Texas

Founded in 2013 to participate as part of Drum Corps International’s SoundSport performance initiative, The Guardians made their debut as part of DCI’s Open Class division in 2014. The corps prides itself on offering an affordable and positive drum corps experience to youth throughout central Texas. 2016 marked the very first time the corps competed outside of the Lone Star State, including an inaugural trip to the DCI World Championships in August. In the 2016 Finals of the DCI Open Class World Championships (in Michigan City, IN) the Spartans placed 11th overall with a score of 64.450.


Impulse / Buena Park, California

First performing in 1999, Impulse has become instantly recognizable on the drum corps field with its baseball caps and bright yellow short-sleeved uniforms that prominently display the corps’ exclamation mark logo. Impulse is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in marching music & pageantry.  As a participant in Drum Corps International’s Open Class, Impulse has set a standard for performance and competitive excellence in the Drum & Bugle Corps activity of Southern California. The Members involved in our units have as much enjoyment performing as the audience has watching their performances. The Southern California-based drum corps was crowned the DCI Division III World Champion in 2006.


Music City / Nashville, Tennessee

Music City got its start in 2008 when a group of music educators and enthusiasts came together with a goal of bringing a new Drum Corps International group to Nashville. Forty-seven members strong in 2009, the corps grew tremendously while forging a tradition of fielding audience-friendly productions. Music City has earned a spot as an Open Class Finalist every year since 2010. In the 2016 Finals of the DCI Open Class World Championships (in Michigan City, IN) Music City placed 6th overall with a score of 72.150.


Shadow / Oregon, Wisconsin

Shadow is an organization with a genesis all the way back to 1972. Starting as the Oregon High School Summer Marching Band, the group performed as part of the Mid-America Competing Band Directors Association. As that competitive circuit grew smaller over many years, staff members saw participation in the annual DCI Tour as a way to keep students involved throughout the summer while continuing its rich history. 2016 marked the group’s first as an Open Class drum corps.


Southwind / Mobile, Alabama

Making its Open Class debut in 2015, Southwind is a reboot of the southern DCI corps founded in the early 1980s. After seven years of inactivity, a group of the former corps’ alumni came together with a goal of fielding a drum corps once again. The road to that objective started when the group put together an ensemble to participate in SoundSport events in Huntsville and in Atlanta; both of which are near the corps’ hometown in Alabama.


Spartans / Nashua, New Hampshire

Spartans has laid claim to four DCI Division II World Championship titles since its founding in 1955, most recently in 2007. The corps has earned numerous silver and bronze medals and was the 1999 Spirit of Disney award winner. The only competitive drum corps in New Hampshire, Spartans has had the privilege of playing for eight different United States Presidents.  In the 2016 Finals of the DCI Open Class World Championships (in Michigan City, IN) the Spartans placed 5th overall with a score of 74.750.