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Performing Corps

7th Regiment / New London, Connecticut

Founded in 2002 by the Surfers Alumni Association, 7th Regiment takes its name from the last Civil War unit to leave Fort Trumbull in the corps’ hometown. After first competing in 2003, “7R” has been an Open Class finalist each year since 2009 and is the current two-time defending DCI DrumLine Battle Champion. 7th Regiment proudly represents the local community in New London and the state of Connecticut.7thRegiment returns for the second year in a row and is one of five Top 10 Corps from last year’s Open class world Championships to be appearing at Petunia City Brass, having placed 8th.


Blue Devils B / Concord, California

Celebrating 61 years in 2018 Petunia City Brass favorites, Blue Devils B, return for the third time. The last time they were here, in 2016, they won the show and then went on to win the Open Class World Championships a few days later. Will they repeat? The Blue Devils organization was founded in 1957 by Tony and Ann Odello as a drum and bell corps. Blue Devils B was born in 1973 to give additional youth the opportunity to march in a drum corps and to serve as a training ground for future “A” corps Blue Devils. Now a class contender in its own right, Blue Devils B won its first Open Class title in 2009 to cap off an undefeated season, and followed its winning ways in 2010, 2011, 2014, and most recently in 2016. In 2017 they finished second and are hungry to regain the crown.


Guardians / Houston, Texas

Also returning to Petunia City Brass for the second year in a row, the Guardians were founded in 2013 to participate as part of Drum Corps International’s SoundSport performance initiative, Guardians made its debut as part of DCI’s Open Class division in 2014. The corps prides itself on offering an affordable and positive drum corps experience to youth throughout central Texas. 2016 marked the very first time Guardians competed outside of the Lone Star State, making its inaugural trip to the DCI World Championships in Indiana, where they finished an impressive tenth.


Impulse / Buena Park, California

First performing in 1999, Impulse has become instantly recognizable on the drum corps field with its baseball caps and bright yellow short-sleeved uniforms that prominently display the corps’ exclamation mark logo. The Southern California-based drum corps was crowned the DCI Division III World Champion in 2006. Impulse returns to Petunia City Brass for the third time this year.


Legends / Kalamazoo, Michigan

Established in 2006, Legends Performing Arts sponsors the Legends Drum & Bugle Corps, Legends Drum Corps Open (Southwest Michigan DCI event), and Legends Drum Corps Invitational (Southeast Michigan DCI event). First competing at the DCI World Championships in 2008, Legends has been recognized with an impressive string of Most Improved Open Class Corps awards in 2009, 2012, and 2015. The Kalamazoo-based group has finished as an Open Class Finalist every year since 2009 and placed third at Open Class Championships in 2017.

Raiders / Burlington, New Jersey

The Raiders Drum and Bugle Corps was founded in 1990 with the intent to provide the drum corps experience of competing and performing while keeping prices on the lower end. After a full year of planning, the Raiders fielded their first corps on June 22nd, 1991, with 25 members. They competed the Garden State Circuit and DCI. In 1992, the corps more than doubled in size and competed in its very first DCI World Championship. For the next 11 years, Raiders made Division III Finals on nine different occasions. This culminated in 2005, where the Raiders won the DCI Division III World Championship for their show, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Since Divisions II and III were merged into Open Class in 2008, Raiders have gone to Open Class Championships every year. Their highest placement happened in 2010, where the corps placed 5th at Open Class Finals.


Southwind / Mobile, Alabama

Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps has a long history in the region for providing a high-caliber drum corps activity. Southwind was originally founded in Montgomery, AL in 1980. The name Southwind comes from the train that once passed through Montgomery on its Chicago to Miami run. Southwind went inactive in 2007. In 2012, Southwind Alumni Association began planning for the rebirth of Southwind in Mobile, AL, and in 2014, working with Drum Corps in Montgomery, the corps successfully toured as a DCI SoundSport team. In 2015, Southwind reemerged in the Drum Corps International competitive tour as a Open Class drum and bugle corps.